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Ceremonial Paddle Carved by Randy Tait
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This ceremonial paddle was carved by Randy Tait specifically to raise funds and honour Dalannah Gail Bowen. The paddle is carved of yellow cedar wood,and is 5ft long and 6 inches wide. It features two hummingbirds and a flower carved on the paddle. It is painted with turquoise, red and black acrylic water based acrylicand finished with linseed oil.

Randy is from the Nisga’a / Gitksan Nation and from the Drumming Grouse/ Killer Whale clan. In 1982 Randy studied under master carvers, Walter Harris, Earl Muldoe, Vernon Stevens and Ken Mowatt at K’san carving school in Hazleton, B.C. He completed an intense 2-year wood carving courses. He learnt the traditions of his ancestors of how to respect, treat and carve wood. Working mainly with yellow and red cedar Randy learned how to carve totem poles, masks, feast bowls, paddles, plaques, etc… that tell stories of his peoples rich heritage. Nisga’a legends and stories prove a treasure trove of inspiration. The Nisga’a had been, before the arrival of the missionaries, essentially animist in their beliefs; every living thing has a soul, a purpose and deserves respect. Some of the traditional images that Randy is using acknowledge the power of the natural world of which the Nisga’a people, Randy and everyone are part of.

Donated by Randy Tait

Value; $1200.00